Sunday, August 22, 2010

The Telegraph

A U.K. paper has a piece on the top ten reasons for the Obama administration's tanking approval ratings.

this via the great Alphecca.

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We have had no choice but to look to foreign papers for info regarding our nation, it is no secret that "loath" and "hate" are words which lack sufficient venom to indicate how I regard our fourth estate.

More foreign perceptions of our hobbled and troubled nation here:

They are also seeking assistance, and they are a valuable resource.

Along this theme let me add a great service which will allow you to peep through a hole into the vile islamic world and view, read and listen to the translations that our fourth estate is actively denying you, literally conspiring to keep you ignorant lest you have some sort of redneck backlash. It is MEMRI, link at bottom.

Islamic savagery is exotic and understandable to them, while Americans demanding freedom from Islamic intolerance is anathema and an embarrassment to the likes of Meecham et. al.

Remember all of the press over the one individual Matthew Shepard?

Where is the info and outrage over contemporary "Honor Killings"?

People want to know, and the press wants to manipulate you in your ignorance.

'“Honor killings,” someone wrote recently in an online forum, “have arrived in America.”

Not really.

In fact, honor killings have been going on in the Muslim communities of America for years. They haven’t just newly arrived: We’re only starting to know about them--in part because my colleagues in the media are only now summoning the courage to admit it.'

"Courage"? Please. That bit turned my stomach. The press reporting on facts, the press relating the sad tales of brutal murders takes some manner of "courage"?

Dear God, I need only see the media stammer and grope for some line with which to discredit Ayaan Hirsi Ali to get a vivid relief between courage and cowardice. If you have the stomach read this short bit at Andrew Sullivan's Daily Dish in which they purport that Ali's personal narrative is "irrelevant", can you imagine after all of the bullshit about context and Obama's life story infusing him with a deeper understanding of the world and a vision blah blah blah...but Ali's life is irrelevant to her understanding of Islam and Muslim culture, which the writer asserts is bigoted and intentionally misleading. They also use her to slam conservatives as closet bigots. Sullivan and his crew have become such insufferable assholes, but the good news is that they are on the short list for muslim stoning, the useful idiots.

Female circumcision may not be in the koran, I don't know if it is in the hadith, but neither is the burqa or veil to my understanding. They have both gained much ground with the influence of radical Islam and the Muslim Brotherhood and the like since the '60s. If anyone ever tells you that the veil is necessary for religious reasons including while driving or having to be I.D.'d, don't buy it. Though I'm sure The Daily Dish will exonerate the one while invoking the other.

Type the word "Honor" into google, there must be desire for facts and information as the phrase "Honor Killings" is suggested in the first five auto returns, but the press is uninterested, they would much rather run interference for the evil cult which would applaud the Shepard killing.

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