Thursday, August 5, 2010

Canadian Racism

Well, this fellow must have experienced the bully nature of racist Western Culture in a fierce bolus dose.

The Northeast had an alleged thief and a fairly near certain murderer assert something similar.

Did I just pull the punch right there? I must be more a journalist than the ones who get paid.

Anyhow, if that would drive someone to that violence, where are all the murders from the so-called sluts who had their numbers plastered in every john with the promise of a good time since the setting of Happy Days?

If only someone had had a gun and kept their head instead of some septuagenarian in a golf cart as a response.

That previous generation, they rose to challenge with vigor and lack of humor...though I am acutely aware carts...Pete's sakes...

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Adam said...

Who knew Billy was "Canadian"?