Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Electric Toothbrush Replacement Head

My toothbrush is above. The lovely young instructor makes it all look so easy:

I remember having such a wand some point in time,

soon after there was much frustration and struggle, moderate cursing

along with snaps and

buzzing on various orders. Damnit.

It's a quarter after 3 a.m., what are you folks up to?

On the bright side thanks to that pretty girl I now know how to

change out my

toothbrush:) (how do I emoticon a smile with a missing couple of


P.S. that's nasty dry toothpaste snapped around the brush for anyone who is asking...

Update: Lord how I hate sleepless nights. Am now half a zombie.


Jimmy said...

Do you normally brush your teath with Celebration ale? Must be an Irish thing!

mc said...

Nope. I usually engage in power tool maintenance while having cold ones!

Leave it to an Irishman to pick up on the beer, attaboy!!