Thursday, December 23, 2010

Liberals are Monsters

I am glad I saw this before the mall.

Someone will get a toy gun for xmass.

These people really are sick to try and what?...Brainwash and traumatize children to neuter the populace so the government has less to fear?

I hope they rot in hell, and I, for one, will be exercising a right today that I had not intended to before seeing the article.

I also commit to buying another gun and stat.

These people are truly sick and vile. God help us, a toy gun buy back. Here's some fake lipstick buddy boy, the good news is we'll let you pick which public bathrooms to pretend to put it on where's that red ryder?

I hope they rot in hell.

I have such fond memories of toy guns, one bought for me by an aunt, which I cherished. One purchased by my father over the objections of a sister who has perhaps different sentiments on the matter after playing with a nice nerf gun last year.

Damn did Dad get me the cadillac of toy guns for my birthday that year!!!

I am still grinning, God Bless him and his sonorous ever ready contempt for silly a-holes (and I'm referencing Rhode Island and letting my sister off the hook on that sentiment right there).

Thank you Aunt T and Dad:)))

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