Friday, December 10, 2010

Helicopter Friday

Chinook extraction, a highly compelling Chinook extraction.

I find it mesmerizing and inspiring.

I find that footage so compelling words fail, (I even reused "compelling").

God Bless those soldiers! God Bless them and their families from the bottom of the heart!

I will put up a few links for veterans groups that are worth contributing towards. They are a wonderful avenue and provide a genuine positive assisstance to participate in at this time of year or any other. I will ask Jimmy as well, he knows some good ones as I recall.

There was some sort of silly friction with the group that I participated in for Thanksgiving and Easter and Christmas, though it was not military in focus, and now I am unaware of how it all stands for this season. I believe I will just show up to help box and deliver and speed matters along, why must people resort to being people and making things all awkward anyhow in the first place;)?

Adam knows of what I speak I believe...

Chinook via Boortz

On a related matter does anyone have any interest in a resumption of Helicopter Friday?

A comment or an email will be appreciated, it certainly has been quite a while, time zips by so...

Your vote counts!

No votes mean "No!", as do an absence of votes, and in that event, so be it.

God Bless The United States of America!!!


mc said...

I do! I do!

I might like to see more of this "Helicopter Friday" you speak of!!!

Heck awll, it seems like just the thing to spirit up the internets and get our young interested in derring-do and engineering!!!

I say you can't not employ more of this "Helicopter Friday" if you have any love or concern or mere polite and decent consideration for humanity as a noble and struggling entity aspiring to grace and poetry in song, speech and movement!!!

mc said...

Well, that is indeed compelling--Thank you, you purely anonymous individual who implored me to lend my blog tag to key in with and comment because you are too involved in saving orphanages and rare endangered cliff-side/mountain top endangered species!

It's so funny who you can run into right out on the street if you simply take the time to say hello and chat. That was a fine conversation and perhaps I will take up this Helicopter Friday enterprise once more:)

Let me not forget to add that I admire your anonymous candor and brutal honesty!!

Keep up your fine exertions and I am rooting for the nearly extinct Blue Granite Macerating Post Nasal Warbler which you have been documenting. Strange you must approach the cute devils with asbestos mittens!! Wasn't asbestos needed to approach basilisks at one time?