Tuesday, December 7, 2010

What On Earth?

The LG pond man commercial?


Boggles the mind.

Update: First of all might I take a moment to say to Hell with Firefox. I don't believe that I am the only person watching it crash over and over and over, get bogged, 'fess up to being embarrassed. It is not the program it was, despite my own computer issues, from those I speak with Firefox now stinks in it's own rot. Feel free to chime in.

I am simply at this point going WallyWorld with this post and this will be another time I am trying to zip out something that should and did take mere moments, and started out as a silly bit of fun:

I don't believe that Pond Man is being portrayed

firefoxscreensnapz004-64" title="firefoxscreensnapz004-64" class="alignnone size-full wp-image-696762" height="330" width="450">

Carly Foulkes




by Carly Foulkes, the astoundingly talented and stunningly adept, ready for any ability Carly Foulkes!

Unless she did portray the Pond Man, I believe she may be capable of the Jedi Mind Meld which can be quite convincing. (She is the T-Mobile 4g girl just so I don't seem so insane with this bonkers update. Honestly, the first update was amusing...)

Wow do I resent Firefox right now. The post I had put up was fun and quick and enjoyable. Darnit, may just leave this in draft, grrrrr. I want to smash my computer more than admire Carly's talents, poor girl. Any comments, you folks are experiencing the Firefox misery also?

Couldn't care less about mistakes or misspellings etc. after this asinine ordeal at this point. I forget what I started out updating and how, quite frankly.

----Oh, the other portion of the update had to do with the couple who are on the Hyundai commercials and are delightful. They are Pomplamoose, I will put up a separate post tomorrow after this Firefox debacle.

I HATE YOU FIREFOX. Never wanted to say that.

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Big Gov't Trickling Down on You said...

I've been using Google Chrome a lot lately and really like it.

Anyways, these pics are very, very, uh vah-vah-voom. I thought I was up on my supermodels but apparently not. Thanks for the opportunity to expand my, er trading card collection.