Saturday, December 4, 2010


I like NPR, as all who know me likely realize. They have many nice pieces on science and daily life and all manner of human interest.

They are also shills for Obama and propagandists for liberals, with the bonus of being exceedingly condescending and arrogant.

I resent the fact that I can write their stories before they can, if given the topic.

Illegal immigration? Give me some back sound of children crying and a young woman afraid for the family future. Then back that up with a sonorous older white male speaking with implied hostility towards humanity.

Guns? You guess. Take a stab at it...lots of talk regarding drive by shootings and children in gangs, a smattering of school massacres and nothing sane from those who understand that gun laws don't trump murder laws when it comes to the decisions of murderers. An NPR employee wouldn't know a rifle from a boomerang. Unless they had just returned from Australia at which time they would write upon how wrong we have everything in this country compared to those nations far afield.

Taxes? Well it would seem that the liberal wealthy can't figure out how to take it upon themselves to donate to the I.R.S. and pay what they insist ought to be paid. You will hear clips of the wealthy, especially liberal senators, insisting upon armed coercion (tax hikes at the ultimate insistence of the I.R.S. and the Federal goons) at the same time that they dodge their own taxes, all without any difficult or pressing questions.

Am I wrong? Anyone? Bueller?

Here is an interesting account of an individuals recognition of the avoidable NPR corruption regarding open and honest reporting. They propagandize on our dime. They also lie. When asked if they need government tit they say it's a small portion of their dues. When asked if they can get by on corporate grants and donations they say they need uncle Sam's nipple.

They fudge the accounting according to whom they are speaking with...they wash their accounting through various foundations and quasi governmental constructs and they dodge every query while grubbing and grubbing.

Here is a Pajamas Media piece which is bold enough to mention NPR's money laundering and lies:

At any rate here is the link:

via the always fascinating GreatSatan'sGirlfriend.

Also it has been quite a spell since I have posted, will post regularly and make a point of it, so you are warned...

Here via WingsOverIraq is a lovely animation with one Mr. Assange, the language is clearly NSFW:

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