Sunday, November 16, 2008

The Cops are Pigs

Until you need them.

---"...My voicemail filled up with hate messages. They were mostly from men, all venting and breathing heavily. A few threats: "Watch out!" and "You deserve to be shot." And I got some emails like this one from "I'm coming to get you and when I do, I'll waterboard you."

The police lieutenant who came to copy down those threats dead panned that he hoped the guy who was going to shoot me got there before the guy who was going to waterboard me, since it would be most foul to be tortured and then shot..."---


America is intolerant...but you feel quite comfortable, grandfather Ayers. I'm broke, I will approach you for your wealth, if you don't kill a cop that would have saved me first.


Adam said...

Bernadine Dohrn is a pig.

mc said...

Alfred crossed the line, and his comment was pulled.

That Alfred, what can you do?

alfred said...

You can't handle the truth.

Adam said...

Maybe you should put Alfred on your sidebar.Then you can delete him and stop following his blog.