Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Auntie Zeituni

Is she a stealth advocate against Obama's policies and assistance?

Confusingly, any rate she owes nothing to anyone and may pull Obama's ears and generally smack him around as she deems fit.

Two parts, though it is clear much is edited. I would love to see the entire uncut time frame.

Anyone who agrees to an interview without setting up some simple camera to record it for their own records as well is a fool in this day and age. That's probably a tea party rule.

Zeituni's clips via DC TRawler:

I have had some suggestions on the dimensions of the videos, they don't appear to be helping. I recommend clicking and watching them on the youtube, and here, they are compelling pieces, however, and I am surprised, stunned at the very least, that the fourth estate opened an eye at all! Good times!

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Jimmy said...

I thought that was Alfred