Thursday, September 2, 2010

My Fur Freaks

I have two very close friends (actually family) who are furballs and they have both been quite ill. The tall one has been feeling awful this week. The wee one has a situation that requires a lot of attention and this has been transpiring for some time with the caring attention of his great grandma, grandma and hard studying mom and sundry characters who donate love and attention. Hopefully for a long time this will continue, if all goes well.

Here is a prayer and a shout out to two of the fantastic furred friends whom I love.


He's got it all that kook. Humor, balance (when he is not stumbling or wobbling but he has been raised in an Irish influenced household so it is likely mimicry), ingenuity, confidence, and a near perfect ability to blend in with his environment. So long as said environment is indoors, dry and resembles laundry or an ample down comforter. God Bless lad!

Poor Abby tugged at my heartstrings today. More than nauseous and still rallying to say hello to me in her exuberant fashion of boundless energy and waggling stick-to-it-iveness, even if for today that was a masque:

I love them both dearly and if you have a moment of good will say a poochie prayer for the angels.

Take, also, a moment to thoroughly contemplate the wonders of your friends, furred and otherwise.

Poor Abbs, she was being such a trooper I want to give her a huge hug, vommity breath and all!

They can't be all bad, those critters, if they seem to enjoy giving me a kiss. Me, more foul than their very own exits I must ASSume.

God Bless Tuck and Abby.

And Klara and Quinn and Reilly and Bubba and Lilo and Stitch and Tiger and Mittens and, Jimmy (nope, not another pet but the Irish accountant) throw me some of your pet's sobriquets! It occurs to me I don't know your pet's names.

Adam knows I am fairly poor with names but I did spell Klara correctly! I will do a pet montage soon.

Rocksy, Shivers, Max, and, well, I am still trying to work the dang hard drive keep loving and appreciating your furry companions both living and romping the meadows beyond, if you know whats good for you...


Alice said...

Thank you Uncle Matty.. and thanks you to all my friends that help!
:) Tuck

mc said...


Let Alice know that Tuck has gotten hold of her IT passwords.