Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Time Magazine

Has a bit on the Top Ten Toilets.

Time and Newsweek were horrendous in the 1980s, absolutely awful. I tried to cancel my parents subscription with a letter, was complimented on my writing but the folks vetoed the cancellation. I continued to read with morbid fascination. They declined and degraded and...it's almost indescribable how awful they are now. Time and Newsweek, understand. You must actually pick up an issue, any recent will do, and show someone. They won't believe how bad they are. Let me take a moment to once again shake my head in consideration of that ass Mr. Meacham.

Anyhow, let me add one more crapper to the list--yes, Time magazine.

via Atlas Shrugs, which reminds me to go look at how bad LGF has become. Not going to hypertext to that sad lost soul, wow, he also boggles the mind.

Mohamed was a vile disgusting individual. Here is a post with a video of an actual stoning, if it were committed by any group other than muslims the media and the female advocates would be screaming from the rooftops. Do they hold their tongues because they hate the West so much, because they hate and think the muslims incapable of humanity, or because on some level they hate themselves?

Even more gruesome and heart wrenching, even more chilling is this letter from an encounter...well, brace yourself and read it all, please.

Where is the outrage on the left and in the media. Where is the relentless flight of lawyers and journalists and condemnations from jackasses like Barak...oh...never mind.

They are too busy condemning the number of ice creams available to prisoners in Gitmo and condemning the tolerant West.

God Damn the fourth estate, the left and the U.N.

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