Friday, September 17, 2010

Jimmy in TX

I am hoping Jimmy is having a lovely time of it along his journey to the Gulf of America.

I am rooting for him and I think that I will give him a call this afternoon on his spanky new cell phone device.

I understand you merely keep this device charged up with that new fangled electricity juice and then, if you must and need to, you can use it to communicate with a much wider world than the one which is apparent to the naked eye as you peruse your immediate environment.

I say that seems a little far fetched, no pun intended, and I will put this claim to the test, perhaps this very afternoon.

Check back for results!

A Fine Mess: Scientifically Founded and Tested Reason...Honest American Conclusions!!!

That's why the world attributes us such a hard won and jealously guarded reputation!!!

Carry on and God Bless this nation and all of it's recent losses and their kin!


Jimmy said...

First time I have been able to post a comment for whatever reason. Anyway some pix are up.

mc said...

Will check them out and update.

Welcome back.