Friday, October 1, 2010

Which Scandal is Which?

So it is as intense of an election cycle as I have ever paid attention to and, sadly, nerdily, geekily, I have honestly paid attention all along, and from those lost days when I was so very young and even Frank Reynolds was still paying attention.

There will be tempests in teacups and there will be gargantuan disasters unexamined. We have no reporters, save Jake Tapper who comes to mind offhand.

Whatever corruption occurs on the party with a "D"'s watch will not be covered. I am fairly surprised the DOJ and the New Black Panther's are starting to flicker ever so faint a blip.

Greta Van Susteren I have mentioned before and, honestly, I would have to go back and look up the context. I believe I had checked out her political donations and her marital situation...oh, and maybe her boat. It's coming back now. (You can follow the links at that jump)

She was awesome tonight. Greta kicked ass in a very entertaining and satisfying manner. She was clear and intelligent and articulate and polite, and she asked devastating questions and allowed the guest to hang themselves with their facial expressions and far out failed ripostes. Greta has very little time and I have watched her pursue shallow material just to log out time as it seems that is the nature of the 24 hour news business these days, but not tonight. She made use of her woefully short time (for this topic and with this guest) and the very uncomfortable look on Alred's face is worth 23 dollars an hour, I'm thinking.

The scandal was the Whitman billionaire housekeeper-gate all out earth shatterer.

Women and minorities hardest hit!!
Interestingly the Gov. document questioning the record confusion counseled that it was wrong to fire the individual for...well...maybe being illegal.

I'll stick a couple of hypertexts up above for a background so you may gleen the framework and enjoy----The Greta Van Susteren interview of Gloria Alred (God Bless-er, scientific God-er, well...Simply-Bless Greta!! )

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