Saturday, October 16, 2010

Our Media

CNN reported last year that our military burned confiscated Christian bibles sent to Afghanistan amid fear they may be used to convert locals or...well, you know muslims when it comes to anything in the library other than the koran or hadith.

My issue is not even with the actions of the military, and that in itself separates my civilized response from the islamic world, a world which will not stay "over there".

My issue is that CNN reported that, and yet never mentioned it during their ridiculous and relentless coverage of the Florida minister who threatened to burn korans.

The media also reported that Arafat and his goons literally wiped their asses with pages from antique bibles during their seige of a christian site while butting heads with the Israelis. Not mentioned during the Florida hullabaloo.

Gitmo reporters learned after the koran flushing episode that muslims routinely desecrate their text in an attempt to blame us, yet they did not follow up and convey to their consumers their new found knowledge.

My loathing of the media is no secret.

Any editors out there care to have dinner?


Jimmy said...

Matt you are a great American and it is my privlege to know you

mc said...

Thank you Jimmy!