Thursday, October 21, 2010


Stop donating and make yourself heard over there.

They just fired Juan Williams.


If Mr. Williams is the victim of political correctness where do you think they managed to bury a victim like the truth?

They have no shame, they are robots in a fascist P.C. factory.

Poor Juan, I have no ill words towards that man. He was naive and well meaning. If that is the worst you can speak of a man then canonize him now.

Bastards. I officially hate NPR now. I predict a backlash. Those pricks deserve all the bad press they will garner. Sadly with punks like that the decision makers won't face the music, they will throw lackeys under the bus.

Again, JUAN WILLIAMS was fired for his free speech, not on NPR, but, of course, on FOX.

Any way you view this NPR is dogshit. Morally, ethically, in terms of character and courage. F NPR.

Now I can't wait to see what Laiassen (sp?) et. al. have to say through their gritted teeth and fear of termination.

NPR are bigots towards honest patriotic Americans, amongst others. They depict Tea Party people in a manner which is beneath contempt. I defy any person who has made a Tea Party joke to have a discussion with 80+ percent of those I spoke with at tea parties. The fact that you are upset enough to participate is a self selecting quality which puts it fair enough towards the educated end of the historical and political spectrum.

What are the chances that Mr. Williams was fired by someone who doesn't even know what the hadith is?

That is, unless they were themselves muslim. Leave it to NPR to hand the keys over and declare the whole establishment a dhimmi enterprise.

Williams often pissed me off and often made me sad for my own society and nation, but they were lucky to have him.


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alfred said...

I wonder, would NPR have fired Juan Williams for saying he'd be nervous to receive a package from Yemen?

p.s. F-NPR!