Friday, October 1, 2010

It Actually Happened

Take back your freedoms, please.

Here via Maggie's Farm, which, again, if you haven't bookmarked you are asserting a recalcitrant idiocy, is a brief animated exchange illustrating the occurrence of insanity at a school. No news there, but this one is beyond the pale, if sadly not unique.

MF links to this NatRev page which in turn links to the vid production of the story, in vlog format, titled Hannah's Story. Hannah has transferred to Pacific Coast State University. PC State.

She get's involved in starting a pro-life club.

I winced a little at the corny quotient in the production but found myself compelled. It reminded me a little of the original Degrassi. They take actual incidents from the University sphere in contemporary America and reference the idiocy depicted in real time in the player as you watch.

I am enjoying the notion of weaving the disparate vignettes into a length of hangman's rope involving a single character while indicating the paths to find more about each situation.

Here is episode 1 of Hannah.

Here is the Pyramid of Hate which is in episode 5 or so:

According to this pyramid every single group advocating for homosexuals or latinos or blacks is guilty of "acts of bias." I for one will, in light of this new understanding, reject any such group and stand proud and firm against their hate.

See? Even I can learn and improve my character, and I encourage you all to stand against the NAACP and La Raza, Hamas and the Southern Poverty Law Center, GLAD and CAIR and the list goes on and on...

Actually I will support F.I.R.E. as they are doing the work the ACLU is undermining, which is fight for liberty on campuses.

Is that
Xtranormal site free for producing these animated pieces?

I would love to write out some ideas and produce them in that format, the character rendering looks perfect for the delivery of dry humor and wry observations of our fubar mediaspace which has sadly become so confused with what would be actual culture.

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