Wednesday, October 20, 2010

CSpan Video Library

I enjoy some of the NPR content, though I find myself sputtering and turning it off more and more these days.

I find it ironic that those self important and arrogant twats kept their mouths shut and accepted 400 million dollars in McDonald's money.

The upshot? They have an excellent website and archiving. I am torn. I know that I will never give them a donation again so long as I can know what they are about to preach to me as soon as I know the topic. If only they could step up to a more vigorous and inquiring intellectual level, it would be backed up by such a professional and functional web presence.

So be it, they won't take the blame as they drive away listeners.

I notice that the Volokh conspiracy has a mention of the CSpan library, and it is fantastic.

Volokh is a great blog which attends to far more matters than simply law. The comments section can be very informative and lively, if at times discouraging. The amount of Liberty and self determination which these affluent and successful legal minds feel quite comfortable assuming we don't have and never should have had is vile. People don't believe me when I tell them that many in the legal universities are trying to establish the notion that humans have NO inherent rights. No baseline of liberty whatsoever. They are struggling with more passion to establish that animals have rights which are neglected, while striving to castrate every Western citizen of their last iota of freedom.

At any rate CSpan rocks! Yes, I wrote that :)! Does that make me a nerd or a geek? Sure, why not, they sound like fun things to be!

You can browse at the link. I thought that a few hours of Michio Kaku would be fine chamber music to round out the environment while you are up to other tasks. A very fine background, or, a fine focus, depending on which part of his conversations catch your mind. I know that you can even embed the videos now, and adjust the portion of the video you wish to view or send. Super friendly! Transcripts also!

Hulu now has a caption search engine which can lead to all sorts of discoveries. I never tried to conceal my love of libraries and archives. I have spent countless, honestly countless, hours in libraries throughout my life. I felt like the card catologue was a candy counter growing up and would poke through the random sweetness as if time were an immeasurable commodity. That's why this internet thingie is such a complementary compulsion to those old curiosity weaknesses.

So go and poke around CSpan and NPR why doncha'?

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