Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Letter to Obama

A co-founder of The Home Depot writes a letter to our magisterial President Barack Hussein Obama, published in the WSJ.

Ken Langone states very clearly that it would not be possible to start that business today, read why:


That sonofabitch millionaire Obama preaches to us that we are our brother's keepers, an odd bastardization and twisting of the response to God by history's first murderer. Yet his brother is still languishing in Africa and his Aunt is being put up by the taxpayers while she illegally resides in Boston. From Africa to Boston, movin' on up. Why won't the press ask Obama about that? Oh yes, they are the press, after all.

I can think of only one thing to like about that arrogant and pathological commie Obama, and that is what he has done for gun sales.

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