Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Islamic Intolerance

at the nation-state level. A very good thing, at that!!

So from anything I have read over the years more than 80 percent of the funding of mosques, those redoubts and pillboxes of intolerance and misogyny, have, in the U.S. been funded by wahhabi's Saudi money. (I continue to go back and lower case any term dealing with islam. Cult's don't get the treatment of a respectable religion)

So grim. Such an ugly spectacle with so little potential for sunlight and open discourse which is necessary for an alteration of our heading. We have no viable "fourth estate" to address any enemies of enlightenment. Only a Dhimmi fifth column. God Damn our journalistic class to hell. God Damn them for pissing away my vote and stifling the expression of my thoughts and very voice as an American who believes in freedom and the right to liberal expression. P.C. kills. It kills freedom.

They oppose liberty with every effort to conceal the darkness of Islam's exports from muslim nations West.

Via Gates of Vienna we have a fantastic and refreshing response at a significant level to this clear effort at soft conquest and a blessedly bold refusal to submit.

'Norway refuses to allow mosque-building millions from Saudi Arabia

Norwegian Foreign Minister Jonas Gahr Støre [also known as “bin Gahr Støre” since he caved in and hung a newspaper’s editor-in-chief out to dry and ran around apologizing during the Mohammed cartoon crisis — translator] has made a surprising about-face today.

The Saudi government and a rich private person want to build mosques for tens of millions in Norway. They have the full right to do so, according to Norwegian law. However, there is a clause in the law that the Norwegian government has to approve the financial support.

The Foreign Ministry does not just refuse to accept the mosque-building contributions. In an answer to Tawfiiq Islamic Center, the Ministry writes: “It would be a paradox and unnatural to accept funding from sources in a country where there is no religious freedom”.

“We could just have said no, by principle the Foreign ministry doesn’t approve such a thing. But when we were asked, we used the opportunity to add that an acceptance would be a paradox while its punishable in Saudi Arabia to establish a Christian congregation,” says Jonas Gahr Støre to VG.'

Infidels are not allowed in Mecca or Medina. The very mention of those cities should send a chill up the spine of a westerner. One period in the life of the big "Mo" held the potential for a more relaxed, more tolerant cult leader. It would have changed history and spared blood on an unimaginable scale. The other period assured the current insanity.

I admit that I know very little of the enormity which is islam, but I seem to know more than most "journalists".

If you are a "journalist" please accept any apologies genuinely due, and please leave a comment with a manner in which I may take you to lunch and ask you questions for this blog.

Otherwise--for journalists--PISS OFF!!! You libtard jackape DHIMMI twats!!

NOTICE: this stand which their government is taking is only possible before the representative democracy is overwhelmed by the demographics of a sharia demanding immigrant class.

There is a man whose initials are M.C.--not myself--who, in front of a couple of other folks, asked me if I was afraid of losing my vote during a discussion of illegal immigration. I was, but in the early nineties I was uncomfortable saying so. I did not have the fortitude to make a stand. I hesitated and faltered before saying that at some point I would be uncertain as to the strength of my vote. I still regret not being more firm and certain in my answer, and damn the liberals for whatever they felt about me.

Parts of Europe are overwhelmed and such a stance is no longer possible for them.

I have friends who are Turk and Serb and, just as my legal Uruguayan and Brazilian and Portuguese friends are the most vociferous in their importuning, they think...well...what does anyone with half a brain assume they think?

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