Sunday, November 14, 2010

Bill Whittle -- Or -- Not a Tea Party Post

This is not a post regarding the Tea Party or, more aptly, Tea Parties, as I believe there is no "Tea Party" in and of itself.

The Tea Parties have been assailed by many and, might I add, poorly, as being any number of violent or ignorant or fascist constructs. You may know an ignorant and poorly read soul by their opposition to the "Tea Party" as it takes a discussion to even understand the movement and an individuals rejection of the trend and an individuals identifying with said trend requires thought.

To reject the "Tea Party" is really to reject the Bill of Rights---I wrote and re-wrote that phrase several times but I must simply state it as I know it, and as I know each and every one whom I have ever met at a Tea Party gathering or whom I have ever met who self-identified as a Tea-Party leaning individual.

A number of years before the Tea Parties I felt a tense and resentful anger towards the MSM.
I had discussions with librarians in which they did not believe the NYTimes was liberal. Subsequently in those discussions they did not understand the objection to and lack of admiration for their "Masters of Library Science". Even when they admitted that an individual who worked for Borders for a year or two could eclipse them in their job duties they would never concede that some level of mandarinization were occurring. They would become highly animated, however, when the notion of replacing them at a lower pay scale with the individual who honed their teeth at Borders would be suggested.

Well, that was a clutz's try to remind folks of how it was before the internet. All of everywhere seemed to be NYTimes, all Newsweek, all liberal fourth estate oikephobic and parlor room trash. I thought I was about to go insane, and this went on for a long and painful era. Then I noticed things like Bill Whittle and Murdoc and Insty and Alphecca and the list grew and grew and I was heartened. It was lonely reading the NYTimes and Newsweek and Time and realizing that the folks who had subscribed to those publications 25 plus years earlier had renewed by rote, with no thought, and had not realized that the periodicals were not the same.

I wish I could go back in time and speak to those people, the journalists and my relatives alike---alas, upon thinking I feel that is a selfish longing not associated with this post.

If you see Bill Whittle's name anywhere persue i!

This man articulates our American Ideals and he seems to speak from MY HEART!!!

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