Wednesday, November 3, 2010

You Have Already Voted for Harry Reid

(I have had several poorly typed posts...I will go back and tune them up, and I will post this one before edit to keep the others company. Just for no good reason other than that they will be fine shortly, and mess is in the banner):

I will comfort myself not at all (well, if I must reach for something) regarding Reid it is that he is pro gun.

However I would like to find a clearing house, or, in blog parlance, a "carnival" of alleged voter fraud, as I have read so much on a compelling scale which deserves attention. Federal attention. Attention by that racist corrupt Holder and his racist corrupt election rigging cronies.

Hey, wait a sec...ugh.

I do seem to think that I feared an Obama elected executive branch which would shamelesley, and with the more than blind eye of the felating media, work the election and census fraud to a degree which, not forgetting ICE and acorn and seisu and the rest, would be more than enough to trump elections within 20 point margins. The opposition needn't play the game unless they have proportions that would reveal themselves in the torches, pitchforks, axe handles and the true losers fond desires for the simple pleasures of tar and feathers.

I cannot express the feeling I would have at being on the receiving end of some of the "you have already voted" shennanigens. Don't tell me "you know, the Irish engaged in that", I do believe that between the Irish Boston/Chicago idiocy/legacy and the modern latino twist this nation will default into the 2 percent wealthy, 98 percent sucking garbage and violence which constitutes what so many are attempting to flea. Attempting right into the arms of the Democrats and to the detriment of civilization when done illegally.

The Democrats believe we will know when it is time to curb illegal immigration when they start to find their original conditions in their host huts superior.

At any rate here is the WExaminer on Reid anomalies (riiight...)

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