Wednesday, November 3, 2010


So I have had the unique, or not so unique, opportunity to have attended a tea party function with someone who has attended many, many politically hued gatherings. I will wait till the individual and I speak again before I ask for his opinion.

Perhaps less "politically hued" than popular culturally liberally anti war hued gatherings


This seems to me to be the typical response to "uncool" or otherwise unwanted speech or inquiry at an ostensibly liberal venue. The seeming bitch slap is something I have not experienced as it would have really lead to trouble, likely my own, but trouble nonetheless.

I think it was racial and it clearly exposed a desire for fascist control (subconscious desire for authority with card and I.D. demanding benefits for the militaria which they play act in their febrile mind) or another bruising romp for the "liberals" who claim to clean up after themselves and believe in honest discourse.

We must all agree that if this had occurred under the tea party banner it would have been played all over --- and over --- and over--

Ugh. I really don't like ugly folks who wrongly identify with the tea party movement. Certainly it is less in number and threat than that which it opposes.

I get damned tired of seeing the insanity on the left which is ignored, or filmed in Vaseline lens to advance the degradation of the West.

As always I would love to have dinner with journalists and editors or anyone else who may disagree. Please comment to initiate a dialogue leading to better relations.

No Joke!

Once again I feel compelled to state that the Tea Party functions I have attended were compelling in the polite and welcoming nature. From everything dealing with simple etiquette involving doors to addressing those who were there to agitate with civility and accurate historical and constitutional reference.

I will take the epithet "tea bagger" and gladly choke and metsphorically gag all who wish to apply the tired and juvenile sobriquet...I am a patriot. If my enemies (Obama opened that one up) persist I will teabag the losers.

The silly litter and vile speach and taunting is always on the left. The real deal is on the behalf of the patriots, the constitutionalists, those who believe enough in liberty that they truly recognize the second amendment as an admission of inherent existential right and not some fay tip of the hat to an evolving constitution.

Oh well, a lot of sloppy material to look over. As always, "mess" is in the banner...

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