Sunday, November 7, 2010


The crane above is working to construct the replacements to the World Trade Center. Please take note, if you are a return visitor to this blog, that I intentionally do not capitalize words such as islam or muslim. Cults are held in low regard, murderous cults held beneath contempt.

I will poke around to add info regarding some of the historical sites enjoyed yesterday, including the lovely and cozy Ear Inn. I could not scare up the name of the establisment which we walked over yesterday. I will link it to another post. There are several venerable concerns in the city which vie for oldest or simply espouse their antiquity. I always think on some level of Joeseph Mitchel while enjoying the older aspects of New York. What wonderful writing, thank God the New Yorker was what it was, and a crying shame it is no longer.

Regarding the above, I looked up "smugglers den" and found other locations with similar names. No idea on the derivation of the term. It does seem odd that the upstairs was a "smugglers den" other than it may have been a sailor's area of iniquity.

These ladies arrived to meet us for the day. They were clingy and we had to lose them, but we were very suave and debonair as we did so...

Gotham photos.

I caught my finger in a door, boy it smarts.

Jimmy knows his walks and interesting places. He tried to sell me a bridge, but I'm no dummy, I only went as far as the substantial downpayment, so no one else can buy it at the moment. Almost like it's mine already.

I bought some cheese that is so stinky I don't know how to tell if it's still any good after being in my pocket all day.

If you don't understand that you likely don't love cheese.


here are several, I may need to do a couple of posts to make them less sprawling. Uploading is sloooowww, also blogger seems to have a mind of it's own on order. I will have to go back and put a caption on them after they are up and I can tell the order. I had a grand time!

Thank you Jimmy!!!

Update Update: See? Sometimes it puts the photos on the bottom, but now they are on top of the text, though in a different order than entered. New post needed.


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