Friday, November 5, 2010


Well, after making so much derisive and ugly fun of the medium, I must admit that Twitter gained legs to an extent that I, well, frankly to an extent that I feared. It confirms too much regarding "it all" as "it were".


However, for those that choose to engage in the behavior, I offer the counting device of your dreams. It will count text through technological means, and, yet, (still feeling around for my poetic sense regarding comma placement., Or, should I, say, Co,mma Placement, capitals addressed anon,) AND YET it will count so seemlessly as to feel like magic and be immune to scrutiny.

I'm not saying that Steve Martin sent me this technology, but what I AM saying is that he didn't. He did not so explicitly that, well, it's clear that I was not sent this IN PARTICULAR. It's true.

Here is his Twitter or someone pretending to be Mr. Martin
, and this individual, if it's him or even not, they have this technological link, to which I benefit you by linking as well.

Twitter fans are encouraged to thank me in the comments!!

You twitter folks really ought to, and you can even use those emoticon things that smile in the least characters possible--

so there

carry on

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