Monday, May 31, 2010

Biking in the Dark

The L.L. Bean hat works remarkably well for biking in the outskirts of a city/commercially zoned area.

They now even have a 3 l.e.d. version. I would link to the two styles of cap which I own, but I am not finding them quickly and it is late. I love both and thoroughly endorse them. The older style has the batteries and switch on the leather adjustable strap at the back of the cap. Very classy if you ask me.

The newer version has a type of bubble under the visor which you press to toggle the light. It works especially well in tight places and with gloves on. I have repeatedly replaced the batteries, even though they last an extraordinary lifespan. This is a testament to how often they are relied upon.

These hats are dead nuts knockouts and utilitarian winners!

Poorly stated? I don't care.

They rule, over and over when I think something will be a pain in the ass they make it less so!!!


I need to get a part for the track pump, it would have helped pumping the tires a little. It was low and it makes it tougher to do everything. Peddle, steer, makes you more inclined to get a flat, but all went well.

Odd the traffic you see. It must have something to do with who knows the shortcuts and the time of day, but, wow, was that a much shorter ride than I had thought it would be, and that is a good thing.

Still and all, I do not recommend speaking on the hand held cell phone while zipping along your way in the dark with a sleazy demographic of traffic making their way past you to their nefarious endevours. (I do believe that more than one of them may have said the same of me.)

The combination makes a nice recipe for road mop.


Grant-Grey Guda said...

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mc said...

Thank you Sir!!

I will post a link to you and add you to my sidebar...

I have been reading your poetry and am glad that you are running strong.