Sunday, May 23, 2010

Sir Paul Nurse

Here is the lovely Moth segment of Sir Paul Nurse, a Nobel laureate who researches genetics and the irony of his own family history.

Very much worth the listen, quite well presented.

I heard it while semi-sleeping at around 3:30 in the morning on PRX.

PRX is wonderful and chock full of Moth and TED.

Screw T.V., there is so much to enjoy simply through Moth and TED.

His voice reminds me of a friend of mine, who is a nurse, pursues science (participated in a field excursion for possibly the rarest extant bird on Earth, in Africa), has a beer named after him, and was an extreme marathoner. (One of the most amusing and impressing things I have ever heard said was something on the order of "Kenyans, yah. They're great for a regular marathon but that's all they have. They suck after 26 miles.") Very, very funny as well, this chap.

He is also generous, he saves his New Scientists and gives them to me,

Thank You! Thank You!

Was hoping I might see him at the charity event yesterday, but did not.

I have a couple of photos from yesterday, which I will post shortly.

Did something unfortunate to my back wrestling with an enormous generator, dangit.

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