Thursday, May 27, 2010

Everyone I know

Everyone I know either mentioned, or laughed, or did not deride the notion that good news in the gulf was timed to allow for Obama's "press conference".

Liberal and conservative alike, no one could avoid that uncomfortable notion.

We do not have a sufficient media.

Pravda was scoured during the cold war, for in their propagandizing they were an important resource.

The Mexican Pinch Times is fairly well fessing up still. The better to claim that they had covered in full afterwards.

"BP officials, who along with government officials created the impression early in the day that the strategy was working, disclosed later that they had stopped pumping the night before when engineers saw that too much of the drilling fluid was escaping along with the oil."

Everyone knew, and made jokes, and shuddered.

This is life under Pravda, the jokes are in the open.

I do believe a crest has been teetered upon, and I wonder which side the citizenry will accelerate down...

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alfred said...

I don't know why the people of Louisiana are moaning about that slick, black, oily disaster blighting their lives.

They voted him President.