Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Dogs Inspire

I had a conversation with a woman today involving her wonderful dogs, one of whom met an untimely end, which generated many sympathy cards and calls and...Dogs are wonderful, full stop.

So Paddy sent over a couple of photos of hyenas being kept. I would use the term domesticated but I will simply clip the photos and ponder, and hesitate with that term. Impressive animals those hyenas, though I think there is something of the urban trunk fighter evident in the postures of those who are proudly depicted at the other end of the leash.

Hyena Pet 02

Hyena Pet 03

Hyena Pet 04

Hyena Pet 05

Hyena Pet 06

I noticed shortly after Paddy's email a post on Maggies Farm regarding foxes listening and locating, diving into and snatching their vermin prey through lovely powdery snow(--er, on second look that snow looks like it has a layer of crunch and isn't powdery much at all. Even more impressive.):

That is some stunning 3D imaging on the pooch's behalf. Through sound and smell and vibration and just raw sense. To make it look like the fun it must be as well, my hat is off to the sharp fox.

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