Wednesday, May 19, 2010


He was never the captain of Harvard's varsity swim team, despite his assertions, according to this here.

He is under scrutiny, liberal scrutiny, something must be up.

I must go back and look at all of the Blumenthal that acid reflux can stand.

How many links will the terms "Blumenthal Tobacco Settlement" return?

"Our agreement will revolutionize the way the industry does business, punish it for past misconduct, and improve the health of all Americans," Blumenthal said in Washington, D.C., as he and the other negotiators announced the agreement. "This agreement will do more for the public health of our nation than all of the states' lawsuits combined -- even if we had won all of our individual suits. If enacted by Congress, it will save more lives than any public health initiative."

"Just a short time ago, a settlement of this magnitude was unimaginable," Blumenthal said. "Now, Joe Camel is as familiar to young children as Mickey Mouse. But with this settlement Joe Camel will be history and the next generation of children won't even know who he is. This is a great win for Connecticut and for Connecticut's children. We have taken the tobacco giants to task for their legacy of death, lies, and addiction."

"This agreement sets forth unparalleled public health policy to aggressively regulate the tobacco industry, force it to fund programs to reduce the number of children who begin smoking, and help smokers kick the nicotine habit," Blumenthal said.

I want Peter Schiff for our Senator.

I will spend some time thinking of Blumenthal and his need for attention and trying to recall his nanny fueled notions.

What a field day this would be for the press if only...only...oh, what could that one thing be? Hmmmmmm....What would make it different for that hard working fourth estate?

Keep notes on the politicians but heat up the tar and fluff up the feathers for the media. They deserve to luxuriate in an exfoliating catharsis immediately. Then they can use their legendary communication skills to ask, for once, difficult questions and follow ups of the political class for we, the people, to glean pertinent and useful information.

Big Journalism quotes NPR: "An extensive search of the news database Nexis conducted by NPR shows several Connecticut newspapers repeatedly mischaracterized Blumenthal’s service, especially the Connecticut Post."

I am saddened that no daring journo-aspiree would dare get their hands dirty looking into matters.

They would rather relax and print PR releases as their own material.

"JOURNALISTS TODAY PRODUCE three times more copy but less original reportage than they did 20 years ago, according to a Cardiff University study.

The Quality and Independence of British Journalism: Tracking the changes over 20 years has found a reporter now files an average of 4.5 stories a day — up from the one or two earlier.

The result is that journalists rely heavily on ‘pre-packaged’ news — PR material or wire services — rather than produce independent copy.

And worse, this trend is set to continue."

I would suggest that applies to the Anglosphere and Western culture as well as locally, especially as long as the liberal east coast machine is churning.

As long as these deluded jerks, the fourth estate, consider Carlos Slim's New York Times the neutral spigot of high end information this civilization is doomed down the porcelain vortex.


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