Saturday, May 8, 2010

Garden and Gun

Garden and Gun magazine.

I remember when it debuted, though I have not seen a hard copy.

I suggest the motto "Fiercely Sophisticated".


Cynthia said...

I followed the link to look at Garden & Gun magazine. What a sensible combination of topics to form a publication around! While flitting around their site, I received a message from my old pal Norton 360 that said an attempt to attack my computer was blocked. I am not sure which page on their site did it or if Norton is just having paranoid delusions again but I thought I would warn you.

mc said...

Garden and Gun should be clean.

I have also had trouble with the 360 and can no longer support it on this older device.

There are lots of debates online regarding 360.

I think you just need a speedy device to work it, but I have confidence in the veracity and integrity of Garden and Gun, it has been prominently reviewed.

It is dangerous out there though!!

Thanks for the heads up, I know a few computers that have taken hits recently.