Thursday, July 15, 2010


A nice post involving water-proof cameras and diving is up over at Anthroblogogy.

I received a Pentax 35mm pointanshoot as a gift years ago and it worked admirably on the trip through Alaska, I still use it on occasion.

I am charging my Nikon now and will use it no matter what tomorrow.

(that big icy earthy thingie in the distance is Denali, just so you know)

Of course I originally only intended to round up the one photo of the pontoon plane and now I can't even find it...the above will have to suffice for now...

Go check out Anthroblogogy, I would love one of those Pentax's for kayaking and fishing, they seem perfect.


DirtCrashr said...

Very pretty pictures! The impressive vistas are right for panoramas.
Maybe the W80 is on sale? The W60 was superseded by the new model, and I think the W90's out already. I always try buy last years' stuff.

mc said...

Thank you!!

I agree that the savings on the previous year are very helpful.

I am having trouble with the wait on the new Nikon, I feel like a child.

My friend has one of the Pentax series and we use it kayaking.

You can't beat the comfort of having a fine digital and not worrying.

I will look at the w80 and keep in mind the fact that I have been well served by Pentax.

Thank you!


alfred said...

Denali? I prefer to call it Mount McKinley.