Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Government Limited

"William Voegeli's Never Enough: America's Limitless Welfare State is one of the books of the year. George Will drew attention to Voegeli's book in his excellent column "The danger of a government with unlimited power." Michael Lind attacks Will and comes to the defense of liberalism. William Voegeli strikes back in "Why liberalism is dangerous." Voegeli has reignited a profoundly important argument that ultimately requires us to recover a basic understanding of limited constitutional government"

If you have the time, and it does take a bit of time, please read the George Will piece and the Michael Lind piece.

(Powerline wrap up via Instapundit)

Lind's effort is just sad for someone who intends to be arguing on merits and logic. In fact I think his tactic was to avoid common sense because it would defeat him right off the bat. Voegeli's work looks quite nice I have no doubt and I am a fan of the Claremont Review. His response in National Review (I wish they had a one page function) is lovely and well worth the reading. It is enjoyable.

Will provides a provocative Cliff's notes and can suffice if you have an understanding of the struggle between the notions involved in "evolving" and "breathing" interpretations of our core rights as humans on planet earth, and the viscerally understood notion of rights endowed by a creator, or, for atheists, pre-existing rights. This struggle is being lost over time to the schools and the media and the never ending expansion of power remitted to courts and politicians, local, federal and every step in between.

The idea that slaughter and the fourteenth amendment and incorporation and on and on is still argued is so discouraging.

That our president believes that the bill of rights was a problem because it did not provide a shopping list of services to be provided to all by some vast anonymous and yet governmentally centered entity (like some savage sacrificing liberty on a pyre in expectation of eternal bountiful harvests) disgusts me.

People who believe in an evolving document believe in suing over everything, but most of all their own deficits mistakes and vile natures.

God help this country. Liberty and prosperity: a flash in the pan for humanity, because the progressives and humanists couldn't control their appetites.

(Many repeat links but I wish to refer to the material correctly...mistakes are likely, I will check and correct. These items are worth the time and thought...they drive our future.)

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