Saturday, July 24, 2010

Liberal Bona Fides

So I was taking a look at the posts of late and I get the idea that I might be mistaken for some kind of conservative America hugger or something.

I thought that if you didn't know me you might think that I wasn't some tofu slurping globalist progressive who gets all tingley legged at the sight of the Obama circle of marxist love, you know, that "O" wave thing?

I figured I'd best get right on it and establish my bleeding hearted America loathing Bona Fides by saying that I think rocks should be outlawed because we don't really need them and they are used as weapons by white middle class redneck jerks.

That and damn it if we just gave sharia a chance for a little bit our enemies would have to know we love them and then leave us to a future of freedom.

I also surely advocate sex-ed much earlier than those gorilla conservatives are comfortable at baby Einstein age or in the womb with some kind of ultrasound device like we are teachin' Flipper how to get all Nambla on himself...

Let's see...ban rocks...teach unnatural sex to zygotes...oh yeah! We should also give our nukes unilaterally to Islamic nations, not secretly, like the big O is trying with that NASA outreach, but right out in the open with a parade like Mayday in Moscow!

Well, you may not believe me, so I will put something behind it...

Starting right now I am linking here, and putting it up on the sidebar, a link to!!

Is that Bona Fide enough?

Can I bond with the left yet?

I may even watch Rachel Maddow!

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