Friday, July 23, 2010

Not Safe For Work

I am pasting the tapes of Mel Gibson as condensed by Christopher Moore, very funny:

  1. Tape#8:Put my kilt on the bear.That's right, now put those yarmulkes on his big fake Jew bear boobs.Now lick my Oscar.Lick it!
  2. Tape#7:U bear training Russian Jew bitch! U trained bears to kill Jesus, in that slutty dress! You f*cked yarmulke-wearing Jew bears!
  3. Tape#6 Mel: Ur just an opportunist slut. U look like you'd sleep with an abusive drunken millionaire just for-- Nevermind
  4. Tape#5: Mel Gibson threatens to kill entire Hebrew School and bury them in the F*ing yard if she wears that F*ing Wonderbra.

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