Sunday, July 18, 2010

June Allyson

I used to enjoy learning language, I should Audible some refreshers.

Now that I think of it, I have no idea where my photos from France are, it was before computers and all that...I remember a couple of a dog and a cat in bed wearing Victorian night gear on the streets of Paris. They were charging the tourists to take photos. Probably says a lot about the French. Tourists also, I paid.

TCM has the Movie Good News on right now, completely atypical to what I would normally leave on, in fact I might normally shut the television off of entirely, especially at this hour.

The girls are pretty and dressed well, also I am wondering how old they were.

Ages looked different when people dressed so much more nicely, they are probably 20.

Regardless I stopped on the channel and noticed the "French Lesson" song, had no clue and looked it up on the computer.

She is pretty, the song is cute, and she even has little pockets on her polka-dotted librarian dress.

Larry King determined that she is not Jewish
, (I don't know why this is even a topic, but every time I search her name for the video that is not working it is prominent in the suggested searches) she said she was Dutch (so was Anne Frank, Larry.) According to Allyson and King the man who bestowed her sobriquet, George Abbott, lived to 125, using which chronometry or horology or whatever you will I know not...

O.K., another look says he put in about a buck and eight...when he was about eleven his family moved from the East to Cheyenne, Wyoming in 1898. That must have been something. It seems he was also a "show doctor"-- a fixer called in to remedy other productions.

He married at 96 years of age, and this was cute:

The New York Times obituary read, "Mrs. Abbott said that a week and a half before his death he was dictating revisions to the second act of Pajama Game with a revival in mind. In 1994, at a mere 106 years old, he walked down the aisle on opening night of the Damn Yankees revival and received a standing ovation. He was heard saying to his companion, 'There must be somebody important here.'"[1]

The French Lesson (the actor was fluent in French and tutored her on set, if you wish to believe. The internet, you are never more than second from learning something pointless and possibly untrue!) This was difficult to find, and now that I check it is not turning over. Maybe your luck or connection will be better:

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