Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Paul Theroux

I have really enjoyed reading his travel writings and have read The Old Patagonian Express.

Rachel Pook is currently blogging about retracing his steps.

I very much enjoyed Dark Star Safari, I should check the used bookstore around the corner for him. I do enjoy walking through a bookstore after my mind has blanked out about all of the books I want to look at, even though I took to jotting down in a notepad the titles and authors the notepad is usually in a separate rucksack or whatever you call those things. Backpack seems bigger, like just for camping...I think I settled on bookbag a while back...That largely facetious post (I don't have more than one GPS) was also about randoseru, those expensive randoseru...yikes the Japanese spend alot on bookbags and pencil cases. Like 700 or 1300 bucks.

Danny Choo is worth bookmarking.

The Rin and Her Randoseru figurine is rather, er, shall I simply say---Japanese.

Anyway I started with Theroux...

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