Monday, July 12, 2010

Fat, Black and Diverse

Michelle Obama wants every which way and all at once, again.

She demands pride and victimhood.

Diversity that is universally "hardest hit."

She should throw a few million bucks (hers, not ours) into buying grape nuts for the murderous folk in her hometown of Chicago:

"While Mr. Daley has led this city for 21 years and reshaped both its skyline and neighborhoods, he has had far less success halting the gun violence that plagues Chicago and claims dozens of school-age children each year. On the third weekend in June, more than 50 people were shot and seven killed. The youngest was one year old.

Although Chicago's homicide rate is lower than it was at the height of the gang wars that followed the crack cocaine epidemic of the early 1990s, it is slightly ahead of last year's pace and gun violence remains a prominent, high-stakes dilemma. The homicide rate in New York City is one-third that of Chicago's and the rate in Los Angeles is two-thirds, said Jens Ludwig, director of the University of Chicago Crime Lab. About three-quarters of the murders in the city are committed with a firearm...]

Anyway Michelle's bailiwick is obesity and, of course you can guess who is hardest hit and always assume it is not their fault.

Article and video here (I can't stand the italics function on blogspot. I can't turn it off and it victimizes me):

"...but just like with so many other challenges that we face as a nation the African-American community is being hit even harder by this issue...African-American children are significantly more likely to be obese than are white children."

More likely to commit crime and more likely to be obese, according to Michelle Obama.

The black community--oh dear, I said black and not "African-American"--is fat and unhealthy and disproportionately dangerous, according to Michelle Obama?

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