Saturday, July 3, 2010

Boing Boing Chaser

So Boing Boing does what they call a "Unicorn Chaser" after particularly ugly posts or memes.

The last few posts have been rather negative...or, well, I have been reading so much news lately I can't tell any longer.

However, after thinking of Boingboing I looked up Unicorns.

Guess what popped up---er, pooped up?

Under Yahoo Answers, this:

"Is eating Unicorn poop bad for my health.?

I know that poop in general should not be eaten regularly, but what about poop from a Unicorn? Is that still to be avoided?"

(I hate when Blogger won't let go of italics)

Ain't life just like that?

I have been very anonymously worried, for a friend, of course, about eating angel boogers.

So here is this topic which is ohhh sooo close to my answer, and yet leaves me as ignorant regarding seraphic snot as when I began.

So pesky and typical!

At any rate, click over to that question, they deserve the traffic after this conundrum. For those who do have serious and disturbing medical concerns let me set your coprophagic heart at ease. By a substantial majority the blank slate yet stupid public averred "no" to the tantalizing question. Not just no, but to date 67 percent no, so munch away:) It must be safe!

(I know there is a site which collects the "yahoo answers" pages which are zaniest but cannot find. If you know please inform...)

Update: Are there any Dentists out there? I believe diamonds may pass through the entire gustatory passageway unaltered. This could pose a threat to delicate enamel...thoughts?

Update: I simply assume that unicorns must nibble on diamonds in the course of there blissful perusals.

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