Friday, July 23, 2010

Spencer Ackerman

What a tool.

Just google his name and read, if you want to laugh, get nauseous, get sad, and laugh again.

He really enjoys that whole threatening violence thing, and I understand, believe me, however it would incite liberals to question a person's masculine properties.

Somehow I must have thought that young people would have seen through the media liberalism, that the pendulum may have changed it's direction.

Painfully it is clear that having the youth is having the future, and the liberal MTV globalism brainwashing worked as desired.

An obnoxious self righteous little turd is Spencer Ackerman, and no doubt so many others on that fetid Journolist. I still wish I had media detecting specs for the train commute leading up to that election.

I can't read Wired without thinking of this smug twat now.

Is his twitter name really "Attackerman"?, that is so pathetic.

He's a Rutgers grad...The Black Knights, isn't that a racist throwback construct? Who came up with that mascot and name, Fox News or white people?

Spencer show me how to be cool, please please please...You brilliant JournOlists showed us the way with a black-but don't call him Arab-president who is post racial and wouldn't have signed up for the gig if he weren't black-don't call him Arab-because his resume would have been laughed out of town if he were white...but throw people who question his competence through windows and call them racists even if they only ever questioned ability while you extolled race.

Eat shit and die, Spencer--Oh! forgive me, that's violent and mean sounding, and I know you wouldn't go there, forgive me, I'm white, I must be innately cruel and I'm a white male, so I must have a predilection towards violent notions which cover my masculinity issues.

What a typical self-conscious white liberal little big mouth.

Frank J gets pretty close with the pipsqueak little dog notion.

Anyway, that's our fourth estate for you. As well as our youth.

Liberal: It means hating the folks who struggled to give you all that you have, and struggling to give it all away from the comfort of what you were given. Add snotty and arrogant, toss in a dash of self loathing dramatic brat, don't forget a pinch of start fights you can't win and shake vigorously.

By the looks of Spencer that is our future, God help us.

Our republic is not going to make it unless we wrestle the fourth estate from the "progressives."

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