Thursday, July 1, 2010

The Final Word In Sporks

For now, anyway.

This post clearly is zeroed in on J.

Here is a fine specimen of a spork

Sooo close!

One Spork Multitool To Rule Them All

Alas the mighty little stabanscooper is not made of Titanium.

Nice price, but that is a spork deal breaker I believe.

I'm sticking with leaves twigs and dysentery until they step up their materials.

Remember those folks that used to eat bicycles and cars and would be on television in the 70's?

Perhaps this is geared more for that niche.

A Monsieur Mangetout passed away in 2007, but not before having consumed a Cessna.

--------OH LORD-----

Looking up Mr. EatAll I just saw the story of a man who chocked to death consuming the flesh of his wife, whom he allegedly murdered.

If that's what occurred, I may have a different interpretation reading the press account. Sounds like he may have "slipped on a bar of soap" so to speak:

Newcastle - Two KwaZulu-Natal girls have been left traumatised after seeing their father eat the flesh off their dead mother's face on Friday morning, said police.

Captain Tienkie van Vuuren said police were called to Thembalethu Village near Mkuze in the Tugela Ferry area about 03:00 on Friday after a 13-year-old girl ran to her neighbours for help.

She said when they arrived at the house they had to force their way in the house to rescue the other girl, aged seven, who had been stabbed in the head by the father.

"Inside, police found a naked Jabulani Siphethu sitting on top of his common-law wife's body, eating the flesh from her face," said Van Vuuren.

"Only the forehead was still intact. The bone was visible where the rest of the face used to be".

Siphethu was aggressive during the arrest and threatened police with the knife he was holding. He was eventually caught and taken outside.

"There, he suddenly choked and became unconscious and died. The seven-year-old girl was taken away by ambulance together with her older sister who had escaped unharmed," said Van Vuuren.

A post-mortem will on done on Siphethu and his common-law wife.


The cheeks are reputed to be the most delicious portion of certain fish.

"Your only shame is to have shame."--wow does Amy Tan distill the poignant and difficult ego transition of adolescence vividly. In such context her mom is right, and stands proudly next to Shit My Dad Says.

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