Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Man Drinks Beer For Every Mile

Every mile of the San Francisco Half marathon.

His tale is here at "Excersising While Intoxicated."

I've seen Jimmy put the speed walking to a similar test.

via Ted Williams Head.

The man knew it would not be easy:

He: "declared its intentions to drink 13 beers over the 13.1-mile SF Half Marathon. Realize that it is not possible to run a half marathon while carrying a 12-pack of beer. Sure, you could try… but the beer would get shaken up and explode upon opening each can. And then no one gets to drink any.

Perhaps even more problematic are the goddamned do-gooders and paramedics onhand in case of medical emergencies. They will take your swerving, stumbling, and vomiting as signs of delirium or fatigue, and then get all interventionny and try to take way your beer. That can not happen."

I have some experience bicycling in said condition. The man's site is bookmarked.

I don't think this man's name is really "Sarah" (it's not, he covers that) but who hasn't heard about a boy named sue?

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