Sunday, July 11, 2010

Islam the Religion of Peace

Allahu Akbar!

Do you know what "Taliban" means?

What or who is a Talib?

If you don't know keep your liberal reactions to yourself and go do some learnin', because you are a dhimmi.

It's been ten years and if you are unaware of that tidbit you likely still think that the Koran (yes, I chose the Western Imperialist spelling) is the single driving force of the Islamic socio-religious onslaught.

Haddith? Thanks to our suicidally treacherous and decidedly ugly fourth estate this term is likely gibberish to the liberal as well.

It is shown that "tea partiers" have a more complex and deeply understood grip on the complexities which pressure our world today.

How is it shown? I will link to a poll which indicates they have a better grasp of current events...and yet...screw the polls, they are routinely skewed and framed with intent by the vile MSM....What more do you need to know than:

*They want to secure the borders

*They want honest reporting and are angry at the propaganda of the MSM

*They want a less intrusive Government

*They unabashedly love the United States of America

*They are tidy and peaceful in their demonstrations, in complete contrast to liberals who are threatening, filthy and expect the government to clean up after them and their illegal vote frauding cronies

...and on...and on...

Please berate your representatives in favor of liberty, liberty which we will surely lose after the next SCOTUS nomination.

Kagan is a petty despot. Any honest person will see.

Any honest person will have to admit that Obama is a disaster and an unjust narcissist.

So this post is sort of roaming. Let me return to the impetus, the Muslims have foisted grave problems (pun intended) upon civilization and humanity, and their dhimmis in the liberal classes need to step out of the way or take up the blame, which they truly deserve.

Oh!---"Progressives" as well. It's always funny when people try to change the vernacular and feel like they've convinced people the elephant doesn't have the same nose, trunk and tusks any longer...

GatewayPundit has that wonderful photo and some information on a project, an alleged project, of the Muslims to train primates to wield weapons in grievous assault upon Americans.

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