Saturday, July 31, 2010



Finally have that boat in the water and sucking up money left and right.

Finally have found a mechanic who knew what he was doing and the fat cork is now purring like ginormous twin kittens.

Ginormous doesn't get flagged by spell check? Odd.

I tried to take a couple of pics but it was evident that there was so much to be done that I was in the way if I was not lending a hand.

Let's see what came out, I have a poor sd card and I notice it on the recycle rate while snapping.

...o.k. grumble grumble.

The USB port is shot, the 'puter is telling me that I have gone over voltage or something. I will only try once more as I am afraid of shorting out or harming the camera.


Ughhh ARgggghhhh mmmmPPPHHHH!!!!

C o m p u t e r Through Wind owwww!@!!!!

Frik innnnn Ffraackkkk allll Uggghhhh!!!

CTRL ALLLTTT TEARS Teeth Gnassshhhingggg grmmppphhhhh....

Bald head towards screen

That's all, carry on.

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