Friday, July 23, 2010

Friends For Hire

I just noticed this service whereby you rent a friend.

Sounds friendly enough, and we all know that I have lost both Rocksy and Shivers not too long ago, and the company hasn't responded to my request for a tune up on the ecosphere.

So what does anyone think?

I have always wanted to blog about going to Yonkers to see the Kimber plant.

It would make for some wonderful and very American photos, but it would cross state lines...

I just learned that in addition to the Thule plant Shelton now sports the Charter Arms manufacturing plant!

Maybe I can pay a friend to accompany me to visit both and blog about it?

With photos.

What a country!!

Please talk me down, It may make for a funny blogpost but it's pathetic and I swear I'll do it, I haven't slept in days!:))

Hold's too funny NOT to do.

So it will be done! :)

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