Saturday, July 24, 2010


Years and years ago I was not so compelled by knives. Really.

It was when I started to consider what they say about our technology and art that I became very and truly compelled.

Metallurgy and honing, the balance between robust and brittle...Those notions overcame my initial squeemishness regarding having and examining things which can and have hurt me. Those notions fascinated me. It's so simple and yet that material science is clearly and literally an indicator of where we stand as a civilization.

(I am looking for a link in the archive, here is a pretty graveyard photo, and there is material about photoreceptors, but I know it's back there, this light bulb link which I am leading up to)

And so with artificial lighting. So basic and so challenging and compelling. I can read about it and look at the materials and be fascinated to no end at all.

So what ever happened with Luxim, which I blogged about several years ago?


I just found it and someone had commented, which is very cool but I never knew!!

That could have been very educational, corresponding with someone who actually knows the industry, and I could have hooked him up with Scott!


Here is the original post:

Here is Johnny 5's site, ( and I will zap over a note to thank him for the comment and ask for any info on the state of the technology, which I, again, find fascinating and perceive it to be a very simple barometer on the advancement of the bipedal apes.

Here is Luxim's news page, I wonder if they are hiring?

Here's a bit also:

I will call Swanny and ask for his opinion as well, hopefully things are going well in the Southwest.

A quick glance indicates that folks involved in discrete farming are very compelled by this new technology.

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